What they say about us.

The reason why I gave Turbo Plumbing 5 star review because  after using their service which was very professional and knowledgeable they have unique quality which is separating this company from others that is the honesty!!!!!
This days it’s very rare to fined honest plumbers
I’m highly recommending this company for  your any Plumbing needs!!!!

Armen O.

Los Angeles, CA

Super highly absolutely recommended!

Can you love a plumber?! (not like, in a hunky falcon films kind of way…)

The absolute best thing about my experience with turbo is– they inspired confidence, and calm. Lets face if if you’re calling a plumber, you got a problem! They will help restore your sanity and and significantly reduce your stress! for specialty issues, they also have recommendations and connections (like roto rootering or hydrojetting if you have roots in the sewer line…)

This was one of the best plumbing calls i ever made, and I will for sure continue to use them again when need be.

Tops for sure. trust me. ; – ) (not like, in a hunky falcon films kind of way…)

Ryan H.

Los Angeles, CA

My experience today with George, the technician from Turbo Plumbing, was the best I can ever recall having with a plumber, and possibly any kind of contractor, actually. He showed up on time, wearing a mask. On the phone beforehand and in person he had a very good attitude, was friendly, honest, and knowledgeable about tankless water heaters. Price was reasonable too.  I would call Turbo again. Highly recommended!

Ryan N.

Altadena, CA

I am back with another great review..i feel like its the least I can do.

Turbo charged 2,800 and did it in under a day.  These guys are the best i have ever seen and they are so nice and cool as well…you can’t find people like this.

I would recommend these guys to every one in the world if i could.

Thanks again guys!!!  You saved me!! now that its at 100% i am in paradise with my shower!!!

James S.

Los Angeles, CA

These guys are great. On time, quick work, thorough job and they clean up after themselves. Our water heater vent and we had water all over our garage floor. They not only lent us a temporary water heater, but also gave us an amazing deal on the tankless we wanted. Now we have hot water and extra space.

George A.

Burbank, CA

I’m a manager at an apartment building in Glendale, CA. I have been using Turbo Plumbing for over 6 years. I trust them completely with my property. Very professional, very clean workers (which is sometimes hard to find). They are also very responsible and punctual, which I love. They always arrive at the time they say they will. Never had any issue with them, they always make time to stop by the property when needed. The whole team is very good and I have and will continue to recommend them to people.

Gian R.

East Village, Long Beach, CA

Love these guys!  George is my man.  No job too big or too small or too far away.  Helps to have vendors like that when you work in property management.  I have recommended them to everyone I know who’s had a plumbing issue.

Lily M.

Los Angeles, CA

They came and Installed a tankless heater in very short notice. They are very professional and knew exactly what they where doing. Great service and very clean job. Highly recommended

Avo T.

Sylmar, CA

My experience with Turbo plumbing was after dealing with a few different plumbers.  We were experiencing clogs frequently and decided to get someone to look with a camera. We had a mainline pipe with orangeburg that was slowly on it’s way out. initially we had plumbers from two other services come and tell us that the pipe was going to go out and that it was only a week or two before it wouldn’t work.

George honest and detailed, he didn’t give off the ultra shady vibes that I was getting from other plumbers coming in and telling me sign contracts with no explanations.  I will definitely be using them for any future concerns thanks to this experience.

Kevin L.

Porter Ranch

Dealing with this plumber (George) is a dream come true.  They asked questions to make sure what I was wanting was really the best thing for us. We set appointment and kept in touch with their appointment time. The installation was accurate, clean and the two technicians are true professionals.  When I mentioned that I had a gas leak in my outdoor kitchen bbq, they replaced the part  and never charged me for it. I am confident I now have the right plumber.

Lee B.

Chatsworth, CA

These guys are great. One of the best around! George and Armen really know how to treat customers. They are an A++++++ company! Try them and you will see how great they are!


Burbank, CA

My Nortiz tankless water heater stopped working and George diagnosed the problem, fixed and serviced it quickly and cleanly without any up sell. He wanted to make sure I knew all the options up front. The price was spot on and it saved me from buying a new heater.

Really friendly, genuine guys. I can’t recommend enough.

My go to guy for any future plumbing needs. Top notch.

Hot D.

Los Angeles, CA

I had a huge plumbing problem and called several companies to come take a look at it. Some of them showed up and couldn’t fix the problem. And after calling more companies they couldn’t solve the problem. Some of them even refused to take the work. After many disappointing attempts I finally called turbo plumbing and explained my problem. Already just over the phone the technician was able to tell me the cause of the problem. Then they came and took a look at the plumbing and were able to fix the problem in no time. They offered amazing service and cared enough to call me several times afterwards to check up and see how it’s going. I’m very happy with their service and would definitely recommend them to anyone who is having trouble with their plumbing.

Liza K.

North Hollywood, CA

Best in the business, Fast, Very knowledgeable, get the job done and leave you satisfied, technicians are very professional at what they do and they’re always fast just like the Name, Turbo plumbing is the best and i would not ever use anyone else to help me with my needs, i give them 5 Stars and recommend them to everyone that needs a knowledgeable plumber and technicians.

Mike J.

Lawndale, CA

I have been using Turbo Pluming for the past few years and they have never let me down. They are very professional and leave you with 100% confidence and a piece of mind that you had made the best decision in choosing their company.

Corey G.

Los Angeles, CA

These guys are great!!!! I had a issue with my water pressure and I had no pressure what so ever. I called someone to come look at it and they were trying to get me to replace all my pipes and everything. So I said I’ll call and get a second opinion and I called Turbo Plumbing and they came out and all it was a Pressure Regulator located in front of the house and I was told that I don’t need my pipes replaced because they are copper pipes. These guys are honest and great. Keep up the good work guys!!!

Mike A.

Granada Hills, CA

After noticing their clientele I had to call and find out their rates. I was surprised but very satisfied. Their prices are low.

They came out at 9am and discovered that the leak was not visible. They had to use a camera snake system to locate the location of the problematic pipe.

With any other plumber, the charges keep adding on, but they waived the estimate and the camera inspection charges once I agreed to replace the pipe. That to me is an excellent service provider. Thank you guys!!

Vardan T.